Village of Rose

A small captain's village located on the North-Western shore of the peninsula Luštica, just opposite Herceg Novi, 1.7 nautical miles away (1 nautical mile = 1852 m). Rose is a typical Mediterranean village with detached houses lined along the pier – seafront. This used to be the old Greek settlement Punto Roza which was destroyed by Saracens (this is how Europeans called Arabs in the Middle Ages) in 867. Since then, Rose has not succeeded in regaining its former glory. The significance of Rose is even mentioned in the records of the Byzantium Emperor Konstantin Porphyrogennetos in 841. Given its position and being protected from the winds, Rose used to serve as a shelter for sailboats and also, it was used as a Customs and Port Authority as well as the quarantine for sailors who came to Boka. Rose was mostly built in the 17th and 18th century, in the period of golden ages of Bokas Maritime when many people of Luštica used to sail with their sailboats through the Mediterranean and other seas.
There is an Orthodox church of the Holy Trinity in Rose, surrounded by the cemetery, where many well-known Maritime captains were buried. Also, the Church of Holy Mother is located here, built in 1783 by the Venetian general Antonio Alberto. Otherwise, the entire Rose, as well as the peninsula Luštica is rich in archeological excavations, but the ones that are especially interesting are the hydro-archeological ones where some cannon balls were found, as well as anchors, ceramics and an old Spanish boat from the beginning of the 16th century, which suffered shipwreck while transferring the ceramics for the Bosnian dynasty.
During Austro-Hungarian rule, a Customs with a fort – “fortica” was situated at Rose, since it was the first settlement at the entrance to Bokokotorska Bay. The place itself is surrounded with lush Mediterranean vegetation: pines, cypresses, olives, Judas trees… Once an Austro-Hungarian fort, today a tourist complex, Forte Rose offers a special holiday atmosphere, relaxation and enjoyment. With its 15 suites, furnished with all the things necessary for your vacation, together with additional facilities and professional service it allows you to enjoy your vacation in the true sense of the word.

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