Just imagine waking up in the morning to the beautiful view of clear blue sea, with green olive branches peering through the window and oleander flower dancing in the wind. You have a whole day in paradise ahead of you. White stone paths lead you to a table set for breakfast fit for a king – where the home-made traditional delicacies are waiting for you to surprise your palate. A dilemma appears – choosing a remote and intimate beach where the only sound is the one sea cheerfully makes or repeating yesterday's entire day of fun at the joyful beach of Forte Rose? Strolling, swimming, fishing, playing cards, dancing, meditation, book, party... Pick your favorite activity because here, everything exists with one purpose only: to please your soul!

When, exausted by the long and cruel winter, you feverishly typed in your browser keywords like "apartments Montenegro", "accommodation Montenegro", "apartments Herceg Novi" or "apartments Tivat" - you knew you're on the right track but admit it, not in your wildest dreams you thought such place can actually exist somewhere. Well this former Austrian fort today is a cozy, yet lavish place where you, just like a bird after the rain, can shake off all the stress and all the city nervousness and fatigue accumulated during the year. We carefully choose local food, presenting you the freshest fish you will ever taste, the sweetest wine, homemade bread, juicy olives, handpicked fruit... Here, you are born once again – on a sea brim, right in front of the sun, waves, tall pines, white stone and narrow, quiet streets. Welcome to the Forte Rose, welcome to paradise on earth!